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How To Use Structural Pipe Fittings Install A Desk Quickly?
How To Build a Handrail Used in Pipe Handrail Fittings?

If we want to DIY a handrail for our stairs, and hope that this handrail is not only safe but also can match the color of the house, then we can use pipe handrail fittings to complete it. Because pipe handrail fittings have the following characteristics:

- Simple and easy to install: You don't need professional tools or skills, you only need some basic tools and materials, such as Allen Key, hole punch, expansion screws, washers, etc., and you can install a pipe handrail according to your design and size.

- Durable and Sturdy: Pipe handrails are made of high-quality ductile iron, stainless steel, malleable steel, or aluminum alloy. After specific surface treatment, they are not only resistant to rust but also very beautiful.

- Flexible and diverse: the overall appearance of the armrest can be customized according to your preferences and needs. You can choose different colors, shapes, styles, and sizes, and even add some decorative elements, such as lights, flowers, etc., to make your armrest more personalized and unique.

- Affordable: The cost of pipe railings is relatively low, you can find pipes and fittings in a variety of types and prices online or at your local hardware store, and you can install them yourself, saving you the cost of hiring a professional.

Below we will introduce you to the handrail fittings and installation steps needed to install the handrail. The completion time of the whole work depends on the time of purchasing tools and fittings, the length of stairs, the density of pipes, and other factors. The time here is just a reference.

How To Build a Handrail Used in Pipe Handrail Fittings?

  • Supplies





    End Cap:

  • Tools

    Allen Key。

    Electric Drill.

    Expansion screw.


    Screwdriver Bit

  • Totaltime

    1 Day

  • Planning and Design
    Step1 Planning and Design

    The information we need to know are the length of the stairs and the angle with the ground (this information can help us choose the appropriate pipe and handrail fittings); the number of armrest fittings). After collecting the information, we need to design a sketch and complete the marking and marking according to this sketch.

  • Purchasing Tools and Handrail Fittings:
    Step2 Purchasing Tools and Handrail Fittings:

    If we have a wide variety of hardware tools in our home, we only need to buy armrest fittings and pipes. It is recommended that you buy a powerful toolbox, which will be used no matter what items you want to DIY in the future. Because the stairs have an angle, whether we buy Elbows or Tees, we need to buy the same angle as the stairs. Fixing needs to be perpendicular to the ground. We may also use Cross to add a middle pipe to make the whole handrail look more beautiful. When purchasing, we can choose electro-galvanized handrail fittings, because it has a beautiful metallic luster, and the price is cheaper than stainless steel. If you need black, yellow, or green, you need to choose powder coating.

  • Assemble the Connections:
    Step3 Assemble the Connections:

    When the tools and handrail fittings we purchased arrive, we can start to install the handrail. We have already done the marking and marking in the first step. In this step, we need to use an electric drill to drill holes in the stairs. Fix the handrail fixing on the stairs. Insert the uprights into the fixing to connect other handrail fittings, pipes, and uprights, and use the Allen Key to tighten the screws above. When we tighten the screws of the handrail fittings, we only need to tighten them without using too much force to avoid damage.

  • Detection:
    Step4 Detection:

    After the handrail is installed, we need to inspect it. The main test is that the structure is solid, we can push hard on the armrest and see if it wobbles (this rarely happens when we tighten the screws). After the inspection is completed, the armrest is installed.

  • Beautification and Decoration:
    Step5 Beautification and Decoration:

    This step can make the stairs look more in line with the environment of the room. We can hang colorful lamps, and flower baskets on the handrails, paste beautiful stickers, or use spray paint to adjust the color a little bit. The above steps are the process of using handrail fittings to quickly install the guardrail. We mainly provide you with handrail fittings. If you need design drawings, you can find a local professional team to provide you with solutions.

The Pipe Handrail Fittings and Tools You Will Use

We have sorted out the pipe handrail fittings that you may use when building stair railings. If you want to install stairs for your own house, you can purchase from local suppliers, because we provide manufacturing services and do not have stocks. If you need to purchase pipe handrail fittings in bulk, you can contact us. The larger the quantity you purchase, the more advantageous our price will be. You can contact our sales manager for better quotation and production solutions.

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