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  • Genuine.


    HULK Metal promises: every quotation, every service, and every product we provide is true; every publicity we make is true; we will carry out every business on the premise permitted by law. We will carry out every business on the premise of protecting the interests of both parties.

  • Scientific Development.

    Scientific Development.

    HULK Metal promises that we will look at each cooperation from a longer-term perspective, find a better development direction from a global perspective, and seek better solutions from the customer's standpoint. We will progress with every customer with the correct scientific development concept.

  • Sustainable Development.

    Sustainable Development.

    HULK Metal promises: We will adhere to sustainable development, make full use of every resource in continuous development, and pay attention to the reuse of resources while meeting production needs. Achieve sustainable development.

  • Protect Environment.

    Protect Environment.

    HULK Metal promises: We will protect our environment while developing. In addition to saving resources and not damaging the environment, we will also organize environmental protection activities, plant trees, and call on more people to join the wave of environmental protection.

  • Cultural Construction.

    Cultural Construction.

    HULK Metal promises: We will pay attention to each employee's medical health, education, and cultural construction. Improve the happiness of the company's employees by providing medical examinations, organizing learning, and organizing cultural and recreational activities. We will benefit more people as our capabilities improve.

  • Protect Employee Health.

    Protect Employee Health.

    HULK Metal promises: We will protect the safety and health of every employee. We will strictly formulate a strict production management process so employees can work in a safer environment. In the development process, we will continue to improve the income level of employees to provide security for their lives; organize physical examinations; listen to their voices, and formulate more effective and humane management processes.

  • Develop Philanthropy.

    Develop Philanthropy.

    HULK Metal promises: We will pay attention to social issues in continuous economic development, develop charity within our capacity, and undertake the responsibility of helping the poor in various ways.

  • Develop Technology.

    Develop Technology.

    HULK Metal promises: We will continue to improve the company's technical level, increase the input-output ratio of resources, and improve production efficiency. We actively introduce advanced technology and quickly digest and absorb it to provide customers with better services.

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