What Are The Different Types Of Structural Pipe Fitting?

What Are The Different Types Of Structural Pipe Fitting?

March 29, 2024

Structural pipe fittings, also known as structural pipe connectors or pipe joints, are components used to connect and assemble pipe systems for various structural applications. Here are several different types of structural pipe fittings: 


Elbows are fittings that allow pipes to change direction, typically available in 90-degree, 45-degree, and 30-degree angles. They are used to redirect the flow of pipes or create bends in a pipe system.


Tees have one inlet and two outlets, forming a "T" shape. They are used to create branch connections or to combine or divide the flow of fluid or gas in a pipe system.


Cross fittings have one inlet and three outlets, forming a "plus" shape. They are used to create branch connections or to combine multiple pipes into one system.


Reducers are used to connect pipes of different diameters. They can be concentric (with diameter changes along the same axis) or eccentric (with diameter changes not along the same axis).


Couplings are used to connect two pipes end-to-end. They are often used when pipes need to be joined in a straight line and can be easily disconnected for maintenance or repair. 


Flanges are flat, circular discs with evenly spaced bolt holes. They are used to connect pipes, valves, pumps, and other equipment to form a piping system. Flanges are typically welded or bolted onto the pipe ends. 

Caps and Plugs

Caps are used to close the end of a pipe, while plugs are used to close off a fitting. They are used to seal the ends of pipes or fittings to prevent leakage. 

Swivel Joints

Swivel joints allow pipes to rotate or pivot, enabling movement in various directions. They are commonly used in applications where flexibility or movement is required, such as in piping systems for machinery. 

Clamps and Brackets

Clamps and brackets are used to secure pipes to structural elements such as walls, ceilings, or floors. They provide support and stability to the pipe system, preventing movement or vibration. 

Crosses and Connectors

Crosses and connectors are specialized fittings used in modular pipe systems, such as scaffolding or handrail systems. They allow pipes to be connected at various angles and configurations to create custom structures.


These are some of the most common types of structural pipe fittings used in various industries for constructing pipe systems for structural applications. The selection of fittings depends on the specific requirements of the project and the design of the pipe system.


If you are considering purchasing structural pipe fittings, you will need to have an accurate idea of the outside diameter size of the pipe you will be using to make your final decision. If you don't know much about the structural pipe fittings you want to buy, please contact us and our sales staff will provide you with professional consulting services.

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